Digital Out of Home Media
Clear message and attractive to audience, High brand recall and message effectiveness through flexible communication.
Out of Home Media
Geographically targeted, Supports brand awareness building especially when combined with TV �.
Spectacular Billboards
Make your brand larger than life, Builds big, bold and dominant brand image .
Mobile/Transit OOH
Reaches targeted audience on the move.
Media Content Development and Management
Airtime brokerage, Programming, Media Research and Habit Analysis.
Planning, Value negotiations, Placements, Reporting and Readership evaluation.

Audience & Brands Consulting was established on March 26, 2014 to support the growth of data-driven media placement business in Africa.  


We are positioned to support advertisers and advertising agencies in negotiating exceptional values in the nation’s top media space. We aspire to become the centre-point for unadulterated media discounts across media platforms ranging from print, magazine, television, radio, internet, out-of-home, ambience media/HoReCas and experiential media in Africa. .  


Our motivation is to activate a complete marketing communication plan for brands building to the extent of brand image enhancement, message creation, awareness building, and market and media intelligence. We are committed to initiating a complete marketing communication activities that can create expansive awareness for your brand.  


We are devoted to obtaining the best possible values while providing the highest level of committed service to various marketing communication programmes of success and result driven organisations.  


We articulate strategies and plans; research media vehicles, programmes and daypart; analyse audience habits; negotiate the most valuable rates, implement ad placements, and reconcile your brands’ media investments through centralised accessible electronic billing system.  


Audience and Brands Consulting’s rich and diverse background knowledge is based on know-how from leading ad agencies (media planning and buying specialisation, advertising business management and marketing, brand and media research).  


We promote transparent negotiating practices as a result of our commitment to the achievement of exceptional return on marketing communication investment for organisations we serve. We guarantee all placements and positioning within our contents and those of our partner media vehicles/ programmes.  


Audience & Brands Consulting is consistent to providing the most value for every marketing communication investment, applying unequalled meticulous and expert approach. 



Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is distilled to promote success through committed performance and ownership of our client’s marketing goals. In order to attain success we pride ourselves in:


  • Unhindered thirst to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Challenging the advertising norms through expert and constructive critique for improved quality service output.
  • Honest and worthy representation of our client’s interests.
  • Indiscriminate relationship with our client’s and the media.
  • Consistent ownership of goals, for the brands we service.


Our Mission


Delivering communication solutions to result-driven businesses in Africa.




Our Vision


We aspire to become the rallying point for successful and result-driven organisations who engage in marketing communication activities in Africa.